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Stanislava- Buyer

When we decided to look for a house in the fall of 2020 to relocate from Concord, CA to Sacramento area we immediately contacted Geri . We know her from years earlier and we were always impressed by her hardworking and positive personality as well as her professionalism in the real estate area. So we knew this is the agent we want to work with. A little bit hesitant of the real estate market at that time we were not very sure what to do exactly , especially as first time buyers. However, we knew what we like and what we want it as a an interior space and neighbourhood. Geri she was very knowledgeable to advise us where and what to look for based on our budget and needs. Geri was never pushy , always listening to us, answering our questions, she let us take our time to make our own decisions . Actually, the whole process did not take for more than 2 -3 weeks . Luckily, it was very quick process with getting into a contract with the new Riverchase community in West Sacramento. I would just say that: if it was not for Geri we would still going to pay more rent in an old fixer up house in Concord, CA than mortgage now in a brand new build house in West Sacramento. We moved to our dream house at the end of July after waiting nine months to be built. My advice is: even if you decide to buy a new build I suggest you use an agent who can refer you to the builders. It makes the process less stressful than being on your own in the begging at least. Thank you Geri for all your time and inspirations! When people take such decisions in their life you need to have someone next to you who can help you make the right investment and be as less stressful as possible. . If you are looking for a very knowledgeable agent who would do a step forward for you look no further than Geri Modrova.

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