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Horseback riding in El Dorado County

I was thinking of a Valentines Day gift for the whole family and I discovered The EQUINE UNLIMITED in Rescue, CA . I thought how fun would that be!

I scheduled a group class with Melinda. She was so sweet and accommodating between the rainy weather and our crazy unpredictable schedule she squeezed us in on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon.

The Ranch is only 20 minutes away from El Dorado Hills. It was so beautiful and peaceful we all felt an instant joy to be surrounded by nature and the horses. There were small kids and teenage kids, some were getting ready to train with their horses, and others were taking care of daily tasks to upkeep the ranch.

Our kids Neenah and Ayden were so excited to see the horses and experience something new. Melinda greeted us and took us to get us fitted for helmets and saddles. We each took our gear and headed to meet our horses.

Melinda intruduced us to our horses and showed us how to brush the horses hair and care for them. She explain that this part was very important, so we can bond with our horses prior to us riding them.

They were very clear on explaining to us everything we needed to know to be able to ride the horses on our own. I was so excited that I was able to do it and got over my fear.

Neenah and Cloudy.

Ayden with Scarlet.

We arrived for our class in a hurry, frustrated, tons of work stress on our minds. By the end of our class my husband said "Honey, we have to do this every month." Being around these amazing horses made us relax and be more present.

If you are moving to the grater Sacramento area and looking for fun activities for the whole family or just a fun activity for the kiddos to try, you must visit Equine Unlimited.

If you are looking for more information on Real Estate and the grater Sacramento area would love for us to connect.

Call or Text me @ 916-990-8731

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